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This step is applicable only to Paid listings.


1. Listing Price

Input the price for your listing. There are no restrictions imposed. Please consider that the price includes access to the automation package, releasing updates & new versions and support for the package throughout the subscription period.


Currently, the platform supports USD only.

2. Quote request

You can allow customers to request a quote for your listing by checking Enable quote request.
Please also specify if you want the price of your listing to be visible or hidden.

Read more about the quote engine and how it works in this article.

3. Subscription

The subscription period is fixed to a duration of 12 months with autorenewal.

4. Service Support

The support agreement is fixed to a duration of 12 months.

5. Taxes

The taxes refer to the ones you have added in the Taxes section in your Publisher Account menu. To learn more about Taxes, please read this article.

After you submit your listing, you will see the Thank You page informing of the next steps your submission will undergo prior to it being published on the Marketplace.



If you decide to update a price for your listing after it's published, please check this section.

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