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Occasionally it can take a lot of time to make up your mind and decide what it is that you want to submit as your new Marketplace listing. We understand this issue. That is why we have released a public Trello board containing high business value use cases targeted for UiPath Assistant. These are the ideas that are not developed and published on the Marketplace yet and would make an impact on everyone’s way of work.

About the Trello board



Board navigation and explanations on how to use it are provided on the board itself in the first column named Rules of the board. Please make sure to check it out.

In short, the board allows you to:

  • vote for the automation ideas you like suggested by other users
  • submit new automation ideas that you believe are valuable and would help you and the rest of the community automate faster and better
  • request an automation idea suggested by someone else to be assigned to you if you found it interesting and would like to develop it
  • comment on automation ideas suggested by others
  • track the progress of the automation ideas you’re interested in by watching them

The UiPath Marketplace team will be moderating the board, which means that we will be reviewing submitted ideas, moving cards to their corresponding lists and assigning ideas to the Marketplace Partners who announced that they are interested in developing them.

Once the idea is assigned to you, please make sure to check out the Standards for Quality Content and follow the Guidelines to submit your automation on UiPath Marketplace.

Updated about a year ago

Pick up In-Demand Content

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