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Welcome to UiPath Marketplace Documentation. You will find comprehensive information to help you better understand and use the automations from our platform.

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Please note that only solutions built and supported by UiPath are detailed in the present guide.


Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) gives you the power to automate business processes, connect your cloud and on-premises applications, build great web and mobile applications, collect advanced metrics about your business, and get real-time analytics.

UiPath provides two integrations to enable two-way automation between UiPath and OIC, the Oracle Integration Cloud Process Activities Package and the UiPath Connector for Oracle.

UiPath Connector for Oracle

Using the Orchestrator APIs, the UiPath Connector for Oracle enables the inbound automation from OIC to UiPath. This inbound automation support gives you the ability to start jobs, get job statuses, and add and retrieve queue items, all from within your OIC instance processes.

For more information, see the UiPath Go! marketplace and Uipath adapter capabilities in the Oracle documentation.

Oracle Integration Cloud Process Activities Package

The Oracle Integration Cloud Process ("OIC Process") activities give you the ability to automate interactions with your Oracle Cloud Integration instances. Using the Oracle Integration REST APIs, this activities package gives your robot the ability to manage your processes (add, start, get, and update), tasks (add, get, and action), and download attachments.

To learn more about the package, keep reading to see How it works and the Technical References. If you're ready to start using the OIC Process activities, see the Get Started section below.

How it works

To enable the outbound automation between UiPath and OIC Process, the activities establish an authenticated connection to the Oracle Integration REST API via the Oracle Process Scope activity.

After the connection is established, the other OIC Process activities send requests to the applicable Oracle Integration REST API operation(s) using the parameters you enter in the activities' input properties. If the requests are successful, the activities return the response values to the output property variables.

How does it connect?

This is where we need your help.

Before the scope activity can be used to establish a connection, you must complete the steps outlined in the Setup guide. After you complete the Setup steps, you can begin building your automation projects

Technical References

The Technical References page includes a complete list of and the links to the Oracle Integration REST API operations used by each activity.

You don't need to be familiar with the Oracle Integration REST API to use the activities. The Technical References are for informational purposes only.

Get Started

Before you build your first project, complete the steps in the Setup guide.

To learn more about the OIC Process activities (including example property inputs/outputs), see the Activities page for a complete list of activities and links to the detail pages.

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