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1.1 How can I find the necessary content on Marketplace?

  • It is possible to find the listing that best matches your needs by using keywords in the search. To faster find what you're looking for, please check the top-menu tabs:
    • Products - find an automation for a particular UiPath product.
    • Business Solutions - see our catalog of modern enterprise applications built on the UiPath Platform with code, automations, data, tests, APIs, versioning and configuration.​
    • Professional Services - consider using development, consultancy, support and training services from selected UiPath Business Partners.
    • Collections - check out all the top RPA components grouped by topic

Also, to make it easier, we implemented multiple filtering (by Product; Category; Applicaton; Support; Certification level; Provider; Listing Type; Price) and sorting (by Recommended, Most Downloaded, Rating, Newest to Oldest, Trending) options.

1.2 How to use sorting on Marketplace?


The sorting drop-down menu is on the right side below the search bar here.

  • Recommended (default sort) - when selected, the option will sort the items based on the following criteria:
    • Supported by Publisher & Trusted Source
    • Supported by Publisher
    • Trusted Source
    • Others
  • Most Downloaded - number of downloads in descending order
  • Newest to oldest - the algorithm will sort the components ascending by published date and time (same as Recently Published section from the homepage)
  • Trending - a spike in downloads relative to the norm (same as Trending section from the homepage)

1.3 What are Similar listings at the bottom of each Listing page?

When you open a certain Listing page, you will see suggested relevant listings in the same scope at the bottom of the page. This way, you can select the one that suits you most.

1.4 What is the difference between trusted and community-sourced listings?

  • Trusted source - listings created by UiPath Partners and UiPath and marked with a corresponding label.
  • Community source - listings created by UiPath Community users and are not marked with a label.

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