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Maintaining the Certification badge

Marketplace Partners are responsible that the rigorous quality of the content is maintained so that the Silver and Gold Certified listings can retain their Marketplace Security Certification badge and continue to receive the benefits offered by the certification.

To ensure this happens, Marketplace Partners need to follow the best practices listed below and be aware of the criteria used to assess if the listing can continue to be certified or if a downgrade will be applied.

Best practices for keeping your Certification

:white-check-mark: Stay up to date with product changes and their impact on your listing.
:white-check-mark: Check if your listing is still compatible with the latest product updates so that you can either develop a new version or modify the listing page to reflect the compatibility with the UiPath products.
:white-check-mark: Address support requests in a timely manner, as specified in your listing’s SLA.
:white-check-mark: Address questions from users directly on the listing page, in the ‘Questions’ section.
:white-check-mark: Read, address and implement user feedback, if case (e.g., user reviews or questions on the UiPath Marketplace, feedback from the UiPath Forum)

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Maintaining the Certification badge

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