UiPath Marketplace

UiPath Marketplace Guide

1.1 What can I find in the Marketplace?




Custom Activities, Connectors, Templates, Snippets, Solutions and Tools developed for UiPath Studio.


Templates for UiPath StudioX.

AI Center

ML Models that can work in UiPath AI Center.


Ready-to-Go Automations created for UiPath Assistant.

Process Mining

Apps built for UiPath Process Mining.

Business Solution

Business Solution is an end-to-end automation workflow/solution relevant for a certain industry vertical (i.e., healthcare)

1.2 What do different content types mean?

Content type



Direct Downloadable

ready to be used
can be downloaded straight from Marketplace

Paid Listings

need to be purchased on a subscription basis to use
can be filtered using the left-side menu on the Marketplace page


presented on Marketplace but cannot be directly downloaded
to obtain it, you need to send an inquiry to the publisher

External Link

contains a redirect link to the website where the solution can be found
cannot be directly downloaded from Marketplace

1.3 What do I need to know before purchasing a paid listing from Marketplace?

1.4 What should I do to publish a listing on Marketplace?

1.5 What should I do to offer a paid listing on Marketplace?

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