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Introducing the Marketplace

11 December 2020

Big day today, friends! We’re releasing an enhanced and more dynamic Marketplace space that offers a fresh way to upload, search, and download components, a brand new certification methodology as well as simplified profiles and ways to manage.

We decided to focus all our attention and bring you this new enterprise-level experience for both the Marketplace vendors and consumers.

  • A set of programs to keep vendors informed and up to date on how to create high quality and secure content that consumers are most interested in.
  • Consumers are able to automate more, faster trough reusable, and trusted RPA content.

This way, Marketplace is approaching its next milestone planned for 2021: monetization.

There are two main reasons that determined us to make this change. The first and most important one is a strategy shift with further focus on Marketplace development. The second one is linked to the duplicative features and little traction observed on Connect.

On December 11, 2020, we have retired Connect starting with the website,, and all the associated community-specific features including the Leaderboard and Badges features. Moreover, features offered on Connect are available elsewhere in the community (i.e. badges are available on Forum) or have little traction (leaderboards).

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Introducing the Marketplace

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