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Create a Quote


Now, UiPath Marketplace has its own quote engine that enables you as a vendor to do the following:

  • sell multiple SKUs and combinations between them
  • convert quotes to orders and accept payment on the Marketplace
  • track and manage all quote requests in one section on the Marketplace
  • provide custom pricing & discounts based on a quote request
  • include services cost (e.g. implementation, customization, etc.) in the quote

How to enable a quote request for your listing

If you publish your listing for the first time

  1. Choose Paid as a Monetization Type
  2. Select Business Solution as a Product
  1. Make sure to follow the Publishing Guidelines while filling in the Upload Form.
  2. At the last step of the submission process called Pricing fill in the listing price in the USD.
  3. Then, check the Enable quote request field.
  4. Submit



Once you decide to enable a quote request for your listing, you can choose whether you would like the price of your listing to be visible on the page or hidden.

If you edit your published listing


Applicable only to Business Solutions

  1. Go to Publisher Account >> Uploads
  2. Choose the listing >> Edit
  3. Go to the Pricing section (screenshot above) >> check the Enable quote request field.
  4. Click Submit

After the curation team publishes your updated listing, the customers will be able to request a quote from you.

How to check a Quote Status

To review your current quotes, go to the Publisher Account tab (1) >> Subscriptions (2) >> Quote Requests (3).




After a quote is paid for by a customer, it's converted into a subscription.

  1. Pending - after you receive a new quote request and your action is awaited
  2. Draft - when you work on a quote and save it for later
  3. Issued - after you send a completed quote to the customer and await their action.
  4. Accepted - after the customer accepts the quote and the purchase happens.
  5. Expired - when the time allocated to the quote has lapsed.

How to create a Quote based on a Quote Request

When a customer sends you a new quote request, you will see it in the Pending (2) status in your Quote Requests (1) tab. To create a quote, please choose the respective quote request >> click on the More menu >> Create Quote (3).


The customer details are pre-populated.

  1. In the Description field, you need to specify products that the customer requested.
    For that, you need to choose the items from the Add product menu.



If you need additional clarifications from the customer (e.g. on the custom setup required) before proceeding with creating a quote, you can reach out to the customer directly using their email address.

  1. The Unit Price will be reflected on the right. This is the base price you indicated in the Marketplace listing upload form.
  2. Indicate the Quantity.
  3. Provide the Discount if desired. This field gives you flexibility in custom pricing for the customer.



The discount rates applied to the items with a recurring price will be also added when the subscription renews.

  1. Total price will be displayed. Total price is computed based on the Unit Price, Quantity and Discount values.
  2. You will see the Quote expiration date. Please note that the quote is valid for 30 days since the creation date. If the customer doesn't accept and pay it within this time, it expires.
  3. Subscription start date: the subscription will start when the quote is accepted.
  4. You can add Memo - an email that will be sent to the customer together with the quote.

How to add services to the Quote



Quote engine allows you to charge not only for your products but also for services that apply.

For that, please click on New add-on.


A window will appear.

  1. Please fill in the Name of the service.
  2. Describe the service.
  3. Indicate the Price.
  4. Choose if the price needs to be Recurring yearly or charged One time:
  • Recurring yearly - a yearly subscription is generated for the item. It will be listed in the subscription table and on the invoice.
  • One time - the item is paid at the initial purchase only, It doesn't get reflected in the subscription table, only on the invoice.
  1. Click on Add item.

Press Save as Draft if you want to continue working on the Quote later. Or Send Quote if you're done.



The maximum value for a quote is $499,999.99 USD. If your quote total is bigger than this, you will be prompted with a window informing you about the limitation. To create a quote with a value greater than $499,999.99 USD, contact the UiPath Marketplace team here.

After the Quote is sent, its status changes to Issued.


After the quote is accepted by the customer, its status changes to Accepted.

In the case of credit card payment, the customer pays the quote price immediately when accepting the quote, and their subscription starts.
In the case of bank transfer, the customer has 30 days to pay. Their subscription starts after Stripe (payment processor) receives the money.

Please make sure to ship the Business Solution along with the associated services (if any) to the customer as specified in the fulfillment message and/or memo.



Shipping of the Business Solution happens directly from you to the customer.

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Create a Quote

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