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User Profile Information

  • What personal information is displayed on the platform?
    If a listing you submit is published, users who access its Profile page can view the following information from your User Profile:

    • Your name, job title, and RPA role are displayed on the right-hand side of the profile page created for the listings you uploaded.
    • A hyperlink towards your profile page can be accessed from the listing profile page.
  • What happens with my profile if I decide to leave the organization I am affiliated with?
    Your activity is linked to your account and it has a direct impact on your organization since you registered with your email. This is why, if you decide to leave the organization the following will occur.

    1. During your last days with the company, you can use the Delete account button, available in the Edit profile mode.
      Note: Usually, once you leave the organization all your accounts, email address included, are deactivated hence you won’t be able to log in to the Marketplace after that happens.
    2. The listings published as a member of an organization have the organization labeled as the publisher. Therefore, from a contribution perspective, there won't be any impact.
    3. It’s up to the organization admin(s) to remove your profile from the organization.
      For more details, check our Terms of Use section.
  • Can I change my email address?
    The email address cannot be updated as this is the most important information on which all the other account details are based on.

  • Can I change the name I registered in my account?
    Both your first and your last name can be changed by accessing your profile and clicking the Edit Profile option.

  • Can I delete my account?
    Yes, you can. Access your profile and click the Edit Profile. At the end of the form, the Delete profile button is displayed.


  • What type of notifications will I receive from the UiPath Marketplace platform?
    You will be kept up to date about new features through email notifications. Except for important system updates, the notifications are optional. The notifications can be categorized as:
    • Marketing notifications: we will keep you up informed about the important updates that are occurring on the platform.
    • Notifications regarding your activity on the platform and content you submit: using these notifications we inform you about other specific updates that you need to make or be aware of.

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User & Organization Profiles

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