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The UiPath Marketplace Guide

Account General Details

  • How can I Sign up?
    To create an individual account click the Sign Up button available on the upper-right corner of the UiPath Marketplace home page. You have the option to sign up with a social media account or with your email. As soon as you entered your details and confirmed the registration, you are prompted to complete the My Profile page.
    Please check the Register a Profile page for details.

  • What is single sign-on?
    Single sign-on or SSO enables users to securely authenticate to multiple related, yet independent, software systems. Using SSO you can log in to UiPath Marketplace as well as Cloud Platform using a single ID and password.

  • Can I link two email addresses to the same account?
    This option is not available at the moment.


  • How is my data processed?
    You can refer to the Privacy Policy for details on how we manage your personal data. Access the document  here. To check out the Cookies Settings and set up your preferences access this link.

Get in Touch

  • Where can I share my feedback regarding the platform?

  • How to report bugs or other issues that I am experiencing within the platform?
    To report bugs or other issues noticed on the platform, use the Contact us option:

    1. You can find the option under the Help section.
    2. Use it to report any issues or bugs you encounter on the platform.
    3. As soon as you click it a support request form is displayed. Type in as many details as possible and click Submit.

Release Notes

  • Where can I find the platform’s Release Notes?
    All the details for our releases are included in the Release Notes space > UiPath Marketplace folder Release Notes space.

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