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Welcome to UiPath Marketplace Documentation. You will find comprehensive information to help you better understand and use the automations from our platform.

In order to download the solutions described here, please visit the official UiPath Marketplace here.

Please note that only solutions built and supported by UiPath are detailed in the present guide.

Ephesoft is on a mission to help organizations increase productivity, improve efficiency and receive a substantial ROI (Return of Investment) through the patented machine learning technology embedded in their document capture solutions. They play a pivotal role for our clients by improving the way they capture, manage and analyze unstructured data.

The Ephesoft Transact package can perform digitization of semi-structured and unstructured data. Some advantages of using this packages are that no templates are required, it supports table extraction, and all operations are powered by a machine learning model that learns as you digitize documents.

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Ephesoft Transact

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