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This activity creates a new project on the DataRobot server by uploading a tabular data file (.csv, for example) and specifying a target feature. Dozens of machine learning models are then automatically fitted to this data set and trained to predict the target feature.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • Password - The password used to log into DataRobot.
  • URL - (Optional) The URL of your DataRobot host. Defaults to if no value is provided.
  • Username - The username used to log into DataRobot.


  • Data - The local path of the data file used to train each machine learning model. This is a tabular file in which each column holds a feature.
  • Project Name - (Optional) The name of the project to be created. If not specified, the data file’s name is used.
  • Target - One of the features indicated in your data file, which the machine learning models are trained to predict.


File Formats

This activity accepts the following data file formats:
• .csv
• .xls
• .xlsx
• .bz2
• .zip
• .gz
• .tar
• .tgz
• .tar.gz



Note that this activity does not select or deploy any of the models trained as a result of creating your project. By visiting the DataRobot web app, you may see how the resultant models are ranked and deploy them appropriately.

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Create Project

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