The UiPath Marketplace Guide

Requirements for Silver and Gold Certified

Each of the listings published on the Marketplace needs to pass the standards for Content Quality mentioned in the Standards for Quality Content Review section.

The last two levels of Marketplace Security Certification offer a highly enhanced process which is aimed towards offering Enterprise-Grade content for clients and organizations. Therefore, in order to obtain either Silver or Gold Certified badge, the listing needs to meet the criteria mentioned in the Quality Content Standards section as well as the following requirements.

Requirements for Silver Certified

  1. The listings need to be submitted by organizations.
  2. The listing needs to have ‘Official Support’ enabled. The minimum information required is an email address and an SLA (eg. Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM CET; Response time: 2 days; Resolution time: 10 days)
  3. The listing needs to meet the necessary Publishing Criteria .
  4. The publisher needs to sign the Certification Agreement provided by us.
  5. For Custom Activities, the publisher needs to make sure that the uploaded source code is complete and can be built successfully. This is a mandatory requirement since all the security steps described need to be made on the correct build artifacts.

Requirements for Gold Certified

In addition to the requirements needed for Bronze and Silver Certified, to obtain the Gold Certified, the publisher needs to:

  • provide an UiPath Project with all the configurations (inputs, outputs, etc.) required for showcasing all the functionalities provided. The project needs to cover 100% of code paths, otherwise, the certification will not be possible.



We reserve the rights to select the suitable listings for Gold Certified. We will also use our internal practices to select the appropriate content, but there are no guaranteed SLAs.

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Requirements for Silver and Gold Certified

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