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The UiPath Marketplace Guide

Welcome to UiPath Marketplace Documentation. You will find comprehensive information to help you better understand and use the automations from our platform.

In order to download the solutions described here, please visit the official UiPath Marketplace here.

Please note that only solutions built and supported by UiPath are detailed in the present guide.

Bonita, the most widely used open source BPM software, is used by multidisciplinary technical teams to create enterprise-grade applications that join customized user interfaces and business processes (connecting processes, systems, humans, and robots) for better user experiences. It fully supports process automation beginning with design, through implementation, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

Ensure end-to-end digital transformation. Interact directly with processes on the Bonita platform through activities and take advantage of the native UiPath connectivity included in the Bonita Studio Enterprise edition.

UiPath's Bonita activity set helps customers:

  • Use UiPath’s visual and highly intuitive Studio to design the sequence of tasks, normally performed by a user, that will be delegated to a robot with perfect accuracy.
  • Enable UiPath robots to launch new business processes and interact with existing ones in Bonita.
  • Manage exceptions, user interactions and unstructured process execution with Bonita.

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