UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

About Licensing

在第一次安装和运行 Studio 之后,系统将提示用户使用一个许可证激活向导,其中包含多个选项。

  • Community Edition - A free Community license can be requested, lasting for a limited period of time, which is renewable. This option can only be activated online. The Robot that comes with the Community Edition Studio can only be connected to the UiPath Orchestrator Community Edition, under your own tenant. This option is available only with the UiPathStudioSetup.exe.
  • Add License Key - If the user has a stand-alone enterprise trial or license code, Studio can be activated by selecting this option. This type of license activates the Enterprise Edition of Studio or Studio Pro. This activation can be done both online or offline. For more information, please see the Activating your Studio License.
  • Acquire License Key - Activate your Studio or Studio Pro with a license provided from Orchestrator. Depending on the type of license selected, you can perform the following:
    1. “有人值守”- 使用有人值守许可证激活 UiPath Studio,这意味着用户只能运行或调试流程,而不能编辑工作流。
    2. “Studio/StudioX”- 使用其原生许可证激活 UiPath Studio,这意味着用户可以运行、修改和调试流程。
    3. “非生产”- 使用非生产许可证激活 UiPath Studio,这意味着用户可以对工作流进行故障排除。
    4. “无人值守”- 使用无人值守许可证激活 UiPath Studio,这意味着用户可以对工作流进行故障排除。

连接到 Orchestrator

If you want to acquire a license from Orchestrator, all you need to do is connect your Studio Robot to the Orchestrator. When the connection is established a license is consumed from Orchestrator. The allocated licenses are shown in the License page.

如果您的 Studio 已有本地许可证,但您仍想将它连接到 Orchestrator,请务必在创建机器人时选择 Orchestrator 中的“外部许可证”复选框,以确保 Orchestrator 不会从其许可证池中分配许可证,因为 Studio 默认使用本地许可证。

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About Licensing

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