UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

October 2020

Release date: 19 October 2020

New Features

To enhance the installation process and offer an alternative to the .exe installation file, users can now choose the new .msi installer. This provides an efficient distribution of the app among the company by facilitating the per-machine installation type. The is .msi installer is available when inviting users to a project.


  • The option to Sign Out is made available in the application interface.
  • From now on, processed data is separated from captured data. When saving data locally on user desktops, captured data is now stored in AppData/Roaming/Task Mining/ProjectID/UserID/Captured and Ready for Analysis data in the …/Task Mining/ProjectID/UserID/Ready.
  • The Recorder's connectivity and performance are enhanced.

  • Discovery Results: the name automatically assigned to Task and Steps during the analyzer process can now be edited.
  • The user interface and platform usability overall is improved by enhancing several basic components.

Fixed Bugs

  • Recorded data was not continuously processed in the specified Network Shared Folder. The fix includes an update to the Reset logic when saving new project settings.

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October 2020

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