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List Users


Lists a page of users in Cisco Webex Teams.

In the Body of the Activity

The following properties are located in the body of the activity:

  • CallingData - Include Webex Calling user details in the response.
  • DisplayName - List people whose name starts with this string. For non-admin requests, either this or email are required.
  • Email - List people with this email address. For non-admin requests, either this or displayName are required.
  • Fields - The fields to return on the response. Can be a single field or a comma-separated list of fields.
  • Id - List people by ID. Accepts up to 85 person IDs separated by commas. If this parameter is provided, then presence information (such as the lastActivity or status properties) will not be included in the response.
  • Page Token - Taken from the next page token of the previous page.
  • PageSize - The number of resources to return in a given page.
  • Where - The CEQL expression, or the where clause, without the WHERE keyword, in a typical SQL query.
  • List - The list of records.
  • Next Page Token - The token for the next page of records. Use this token to iterate through pages until an empty list is returned.

    For more information on working with List activities, access our guide on Using the WHERE property in LIST activities


    Non-admin users should always provide the email or display name of the user.

    Admin users can run the activity without querying by email or display name.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity. This field supports only Strings or String variables.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


  • ResponseStatus - The status of the request (success/failure information). Enter a ResponseStatus variable (UiPath.BAF.Models.ResponseStatus). The ResponseStatus object includes three properties that you can use in other activities.
  • Success - Boolean - Specifies whether the API request was successful.
  • ErrorCode - String - The response error if the API request is unsuccessful (Success=False).
  • Message - String - The error message
  • In the Body of the Activity
  • Properties
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