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The UiPath Integrations Guide

Welcome to the UiPath Integrations guide. You will find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with UiPath Integrations, as well as support if you get stuck.

In order to download the solutions mentioned here please visit the official UiPath Go! Marketplace here.

*Note that only integrations built in-house at UiPath are detailed below. For a complete list of UiPath's technology partners, see here.

UiPath TAP Appendices

Appendix 1 - Partner Code of Conduct


This Business Partner Code defines the minimum standards of business conduct and business practices applicable to UiPath partners (resellers, consulting partners, vendors, OEM). Between this Code and applicable laws and regulations, you are always expected to comply with those requirements that are more restrictive. UiPath may audit compliance with this Code and terminate Program participation and the Technology Partner Agreement due to a breach.
Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery, Business Courtesies & Export
At UiPath we are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery and corruption. We do not accept bribes or facilitation payments in any form. You are responsible for ensuring that acceptance of any business courtesies, gifts, or entertainment is proper and could not reasonably be construed as an attempt by the offering party to secure favorable treatment or otherwise violate applicable laws. We expect our business partners to comply with all applicable international anti-corruption laws, including with applicable trade regulations that control the import, export and re-export of products and information and laws that restrict dealings with entities and individuals located in countries subject to trade embargoes or economic sanctions.

Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of UiPath and our partners responsibility that ethical, legal, financial or other conflicts of interest be avoided and that any such situations do not conflict with obligations to UiPath.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

UiPath respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects other companies to respect its intellectual property rights. UiPath partners are responsible for protecting any intellectual property rights as more fully set forth in the Technology Partner Agreement. Partners must not use proprietary information, patented technology or copyrighted software, documentation, or other materials of UiPath or of third parties without the owner’s authorization.

Fair Competition

UiPath partners are required to comply with fair trade and competition laws and must abstain to propose or enter into any agreement with any competitor to fix prices, margins, terms and conditions, to divide up any markets or customers or restricting resale pricing or UiPath products.

Freedom of Association, Lawful and Freely Chosen Employment

UiPath Partners must respect the legal rights of employees to join worker organizations. UiPath partners must validate and review all relevant documentation to ensure that any employed worker has the legal right to work in that jurisdiction. Also, UiPath does not employ or accept any form of forced or bonded labor, prisoners or illegal workers, and expects its partners to do the same.

Child Labour Avoidance

Any use of child labour is not permitted and UiPath partners must adopt procedures to verify and maintain documentation that no workers are younger than permitted by the local law. Partners must follow all applicable local laws, regulations and standards concerning working hours and conditions for all workers.


At UiPath we affirm and guide our business (and expect our partners to comply) in accordance with the principle of equal employment and business opportunities without regard to any protected characteristic, including but not limited to: race, religion, national origin, colour, gender, gender identity, age, disability, pregnancy, marital status, national origin/ancestry, military status, or sexual orientation.

Health, Safety and Environment

UiPath partners must provide a safe work environment and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with all applicable safety standards, including governmental requirements, operations- and facility specific safety requirements, and contractual requirements as well as identifying and responding to any public health impacts of their operations and use of their products and services.


UiPath partners must comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the impact of their business on the environment, including by taking steps to ensure that waste is minimized and items recycled whenever practicable avoid undue and unnecessary use of materials and utilize recycled materials whenever appropriate, ensure conservation of scarce resources, and adapt production and delivery processes as well as heating, ventilation, lighting, IT systems and transportation to maximize efficient energy use and to minimize harmful emissions.

Appendix 2 - Publishing, Distributing Through the UiPath Go! Marketplace

All the terms for publishing, distributing through UiPath GO! Marketplace are included in the Terms and Conditions presented here. Find the Publishing Guidelines for UiPath GO! at this link. For Q&A please consult the FAQ page.

Appendix 3 - Global Press Release Guidelines for UiPath Technology Alliance

The following guidelines have been developed specifically for UiPath partners. The term “UiPath Partner” applies to companies and organizations that have signed a written partnership agreement with UiPath.

These policies serve as a resource to help partners easily and quickly engage with UiPath on press release opportunities and include direction on the following:
I. General Guidelines for UiPath-related Press Releases II. Partner-Issued Press Releases III. Jointly-Issued Press Releases IV. Global UiPath Public Relations Contacts
V. Review of Partner-issued Press Releases VI. Appendices
a. PR “Dos” and “Don’ts” b. Anatomy of a Press Release c. Press Release Template

I. General Guidelines for UiPath-related Press Releases

  1. UiPath must review and approve all press releases that reference UiPath, our products, and/or a
    partnership with UiPath before such a press release is distributed publicly. It is important to note that only UiPath PR is authorized to commit UiPath to PR activities, including, but not limited to, press releases, press outreach, or the use of UiPath personnel as sources of attribution, and other similar and related activities.
  2. Global partner-issued press releases submitted to UiPath for review must be in electronic format
    using Microsoft Word and written in English, unless the press release is to be issued exclusively in a language other than English. If the press release will be issued in a language other than English, please send it directly to the local PR contact (see below) in the country where the release is planned for publication.
  3. Including a UiPath executive quote in partner-issued press releases is at UiPath’s sole discretion.
    However, the UiPath team will strongly consider providing a quote for the following types of partner-issued press releases:
    ● Global technology or services partnerships – if the press release is focused on customer success
    ● Announcement of strategic partnerships that are, at the company’s discretion
    ● Partners offering solution extensions – if the press release is focused on customer success
    ● Partners that are of value to a certain geography
    ● Press releases focused on customer success where UiPath was involved in the implementation or a solution that was developed in cooperation with UiPath
  4. UiPath will not approve any press releases without a signed contractual agreement.

II. Partner-Issued Press Releases (e.g., “Partner Name Announces ... with UiPath”)

  1. UiPath cooperates with numerous organizations in support of its products, services and solution
    offerings to benefit its customers. The majority of partner news that is UiPath-related should be issued by the partner, where the partner conducts PR activities, such as drafting/issuing the press release and securing media interviews.
    2. UiPath Review Process
    ● Partners should plan at least five to seven business days prior to the release launch to give the UiPath the time required to review and approve a press release. This time may need to be extended depending on the availability of the UiPath personnel required to be involved, or the depth of content in the press release.
    ● Further approvals are required if quote from UiPath is included. This will generally add an additional three to five business days to secure such approvals.
    ● A press release is not considered approved until UiPath PR has reviewed and given explicit approval in writing. Verbal or written approvals from other UiPath personnel are insufficient to be considered approvals for PR purposes.
  2. General Guidelines for Partner-Issued Press releases
    ● Partner-issued press releases should support UiPath products, services and messages, providing a win-win for the partnership.
    ● The UiPath boilerplate (company profile) shall not appear in partner-issued press releases.
    ● If a customer, analyst firm or other third party is mentioned or quoted, it is the partner’s sole responsibility to obtain the respective approval.
    ● UiPath requests that partners provide an electronic copy of the final version of the press release prior to public distribution.

III. Jointly-Issued Press Releases (e.g., “UiPath and Partner Name Announce ...”)

  1. In some cases, UiPath supports jointly-issued press releases with its partners. These involve the
    most significant partnerships with maximum global and regional impact on the UiPath customer(s) and user communities. The news should align closely with joint strategic initiatives, co-innovation efforts or go-to market strategies, and highlight one of UiPath’s corporate priorities.
  2. General Guidelines for Jointly-Issued Press Releases
    ● UiPath-approved joint press releases will be posted on the UiPath web site and promoted via social media and UiPath internal employee channels.
    ● UiPath asks that partners also jointly amplify the release via their website, social media, and internal channels targeted to employees
    ● All joint press releases must list media relations contacts for both UiPath and the partner. This provides points of contacts for influencer inquiries.
    ● Parties issuing joint press releases will work together to ensure that the news will not be issued by both companies to the same media audience segments simultaneously.
    ● UiPath’s boilerplate must be represented in all joint press releases in conjunction with the partner’s boilerplate.

IV: Global UiPath Partner Public Relations Contacts

Toni Iafrate (Global / AMS), [email protected]
Anna Ghica (EMEA / APAC), anna.g[email protected]
Ed Nair (India), [email protected]

V: Review of Partner-issued Press Releases

After the partner agrees with their regional Partner Marketing Manager to include PR as part of their joint marketing plan, please send a final draft to contacts listed above for approval and expect a review cycle of 5-7 days.

UiPath reserves the right to deny the publication of the PR or request for updates in its sole discretion.

VI: Appendices

a. PR “Dos” and “Don’ts”
The following “Do’s & Don’ts” are provided by UiPath PR to assist you in publicizing your partnership. Following these guidelines will help largely reduce the amount of time needed to approve your press release, and the number of edits made by UiPath.
● List your company’s name first in the headline and lead sentence.
● When referring to UiPath, ensure you use: UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company...
● Keep the release short,focused and clear about the differentiated value the partnership offers to customers. The news should not be diluted with excessive and non-pertinent company or product information.
● High up in the release, include a concise (one or two line) description of your company and key technologies/products.
● Ensure all statements are accurate and verifiable. Statements such as “leading,” “first,” “best” and “only” need to be removed unless supportable with facts.
● Issue the press release without UiPath’s full, final approval.
● Overstate the nature of your company’s relationship with UiPath.
● Disclose financial details of the activity.
● Make later changes, no matter how minor, to a UiPath-approved press release without written consent from UiPath PR.
● Add incorrect partner level status or geography
● Use incorrect branding when socializing your press release via social and/or digital channels

b. Anatomy of a Press Release
Like most business communications, press releases have a prescribed format you should follow. Here are the “parts” of an average press release; a press release template is also included below.
Media Contact: Include the name, company, email, and phone number of the person distributing the release to the public. This is usually your marketing or PR person. If you don’t have such a person, include the name of a company spokesperson that is prepared to talk with the press.
Headline: Your press release must have an eye-catching headline. This should grab the reader’s attention and give a brief overview of why the story is newsworthy. You can also include a sub-headline beneath the main headline to provide further detail, but that is not mandatory.
Dateline: This is in the first line of the first paragraph containing the release date, and location. It is important for journalists to know they are receiving the most up-to-date information, so even if you wrote the release a few days ago, put the date you are distributing the release.
Introductory Paragraph: This is the most important paragraph because it may be the only part the journalist bothers to read. It must give the answers to who, what, where, why, and when.
Body Text: In this section, which could consist of two to several paragraphs, you should explain details, statistics, background, and other relevant information. You should also include quotes from your company’s executives and/or customers that support the content in the body text. It is also important to note that the information included in your release should be presented in order of diminishing importance. That is, be sure to put the most important facts at the beginning.
Boilerplate: This is a short paragraph about your company. In this paragraph, you can provide independent background information, such as when your company was founded, its mission, or a brief history.

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