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GitHub events

The Connector supports the following events via Polling:

New Record CreatedTriggers when a new record is created. Supported on the following objects: repos.
Existing Record UpdatedTriggers when an existing record is updated. Supported on the following objects: repos.

Take into consideration the following behaviors occurring on events:

  • For events on Repos, events are notified as eventType: updated only if there are any commits on any of its branches in that repository and the name provided by the vendor will be set to objectId.
  • By performing Update on repos, you will not get an UPDATE event (for example, if you updated the repo name), unlike the standard polling.
  • When a new repo is created, due to the slight difference between created_at and pushed_at dates, updated events are also triggered.

Event polling is performed every 5 minutes, by default. This interval is configurable. For details, see the Triggers documentation.

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GitHub events

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