UiPath Integrations

Append Range


Writes a DataTable object to a specified sheet.


Before using the Append Range activity, you must get the DriveItem resource that represents the workbook you're going to use.

  • To get the DriveItem resource, execute either the Find Files and Folders activity or Create Workbook activity and use the output property (e.g., First, Results, Workbook) variable as the Workbook input property (described below) value for this activity.

  • For more information, see DriveItem in the Microsoft Graph REST API documentation.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • DataTable - DataTable - The data set that you want to write to the sheet.
    • Allowed values: Enter your value as a DataTable object or a DataTable object variable.
    • For more information, see DataTables and Creating a DataTable in the Microsoft .NET documentation.
  • SheetName - String - The name of the sheet where you want to write your DataTable object.
    • Default value: "Sheet1"
    • If the SheetName you enter is not found in the specified Workbook (see property details below), this activity creates a new sheet using the name you enter in this property.
  • Workbook - DriveItem - The workbook that includes the specified SheetName.


  • Range - WorkbookRange - The copied range represented as a WorkbookRange object.
    • Allowed values: Enter your value as a WorkbookRange variable.
    • You can use this variable as the Range input property value in the Paste Range activity.
  • RangeFormat - WorkbookRangeFormat - The format of the copied range represented as a WorkbookRangeFormat object.
    • Allowed values: Enter your value as a WorkbookRangeFormat variable.


  • Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.

Append Range

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