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Retrieve Records


Returns the records that match your search parameters.


Using the Retrieve Records activity is required before the first use of the Update Record or Change Opportunity Status activities.

You can apply multiple search parameters to locate a specific record. The results are returned as a CRMEntity[] variable you can use as the input variable for the Update Record or Change Opportunity Status activities.


The values for the following properties are specified when adding this activity to your project in UiPath Studio.


  • DisplayName (String) - The display name of the activity.
    • Default value: Retrieve Records


  • EntityName (String) - A drop-down list that specifies the EntityType of the record you want to create.
    • Allowed values: Use the drop-down list to select the EntityType.
    • For more information about EntityTypes, see the Microsoft Web API EntityType Reference documentation.
  • FetchXML query file - String (file path) - A .xml file that includes advanced search parameters to retrieve entities.
    • To generate the .xml file, use the Advanced Search in Microsoft Dynamics 365. For more information, see the Microsoft Create, Edit, or Save an Advanced Find search documentation.
    • Use either the FetchXML query file OR SearchParameters property (not both).
  • SearchParameters - Collection (SearchParameters wizard) - The fields (i.e., EntityType properties) and values you want to search for.
    • Allowed values: Use the SearchParameters wizard to select your fields. To open and use the wizard:
      1. Click the Search Parameters button in the activity.
      2. Click the Name of the fields you want to include.
      3. Enter a Value for the fields, formatted according to the specified data Type.
        • Each field selection is treated as an AND search paramter.
        • Only those fields with a Value entered are added as search parameters.
    • For more information about fields, see the Microsoft Web API EntityType Reference documentation and click the name of the EntityType you are creating.
    • Use either the SearchParameters OR FetchXML query file property (not both).


  • Private - Checkbox - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


  • Record - CrmEntity[] - The results of your search parameters.

Retrieve Records

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