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The UiPath Integrations Guide

Welcome to the UiPath Integrations guide. You will find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with UiPath Integrations, as well as support if you get stuck.

In order to download the solutions mentioned here please visit the official UiPath Go! Marketplace here.

*Note that only integrations built in-house at UiPath are detailed below. For a complete list of UiPath's technology partners, see here.

Create Project


This activity creates a new project on the DataRobot server by uploading a tabular data file (.csv, for example) and specifying a target feature. Dozens of machine learning models are then automatically fitted to this data set and trained to predict the target feature.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • Password - The password used to log into DataRobot.
  • URL - (Optional) The URL of your DataRobot host. Defaults to https://app.datarobot.com if no value is provided.
  • Username - The username used to log into DataRobot.


  • Data - The local path of the data file used to train each machine learning model. This is a tabular file in which each column holds a feature.
  • Project Name - (Optional) The name of the project to be created. If not specified, the data file’s name is used.
  • Target - One of the features indicated in your data file, which the machine learning models are trained to predict.

File Formats

This activity accepts the following data file formats:
• .csv
• .xls
• .xlsx
• .bz2
• .zip
• .gz
• .tar
• .tgz
• .tar.gz


Note that this activity does not select or deploy any of the models trained as a result of creating your project. By visiting the DataRobot web app, you may see how the resultant models are ranked and deploy them appropriately.

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Create Project

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