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The Microsoft Office 365 Calendar activities provide methods to manage your calendar events, including create new events, retrieve events from a specific calendar, and update existing events.


Adds an attachment to a specified event.

Adds an attendee to a specified event. This activity also gives you the ability to specify the type of attendance that you want to assign to the attendee

Adds a location to a specified event.

Creates a new event in a specified calendar.

When creating your event, you specify the date and time and the content that you want to include. Additionally, you have the option to assign this event a category from your specified calendar.

After the activity creates the event, it outputs an Event object that you can use as an input variable in subsequent activities (e.g., Add Attendee, Add Location, etc.).

Deletes a specified event.

Suggests meeting times and locations based on organizer and attendee availability and your specified range of time that you want the meeting to occur.

After analyzing the attendee's availability, the activity returns an array of times, locations (if applicable), and attendees that are available during your specified range. If the activity does not find any available time slots, it returns a reason so that you can alter your range as needed.

Retrieves the properties and relationships of a calendar. The calendar can be one for a user, or the default calendar of an Office 365 group.

After retrieving the calendars, the activity outputs a Calendar object that represents the user's default calendar and an array of Calendar[] objects that represents all the user's calendars. These output Calendar objects can be used as input property variables in the Create Event and Search Events activities.

Changes an existing event. You can update the date and time and the content. Additionally, you have the option to assign a new or different event a category.

Responds to a specified event.

You have the option to send an email to the organizer that includes your response type and a comment.

Retrieves the events that match your search parameters from the specified calendar. If the Calendar property is left empty, the activity searches your default calendar for events.

After the activity performs the search, it returns an array of the matching Event[] objects (Events) that you can use as an input variable in subsequent activities (Modify Event, Add Location, etc.)).

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