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Extension for Edge (Legacy)



This extension is no longer functional after updating Windows 10 to version 1903. We recommend reinstalling the extension after performing this specific Windows 10 update.

This extension helps you create browser automations in Edge (Legacy). It can be installed from Studio, the Command Prompt, or from the Microsoft Store.

Before you develop automation projects in Edge, it's important to know that Microsoft released the New Edge Browser. As such, current automation projects in Edge (Legacy) are not compatible with the New Edge Browser.

Install the Extension for Edge

Requires Windows 10 versions 1803 and above.



Your machine needs to be part of a domain to be able to install the Edge extension.

From UiPath Studio

  1. Access the Tools page from the Studio Backstage View. The extensions you can install become visible.
  2. Click the Edge button. A confirmation dialog box is displayed. The extension is now installed.

From the Command Prompt

  1. Click the Windows Start button and type cmd in the search field.
  2. Right click on Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
  3. Change the directory to the UiPath installation folder (cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath).
  4. Use the SetupExtensions.exe /Edge command to install the extension. A confirmation pop-up is displayed in Edge.
  5. Start (or restart) the Edge browser, so the installation can complete. A new UiPath icon appears in the top right:

If the computer is not part of a domain, the setup opens the Microsoft Store page to download and install the extension. In this case, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the Get button once the Microsoft Store is opened.
  2. Wait for the Edge extension to install, then click the Launch button. The Edge browser is opened and a pop-up is displayed.
  3. Click the Turn it on button to activate the UiPath Extension for Edge. The extension is now installed and a new UiPath icon appears in the top right.

Troubleshoot Extension for Edge



The UiPath Extension for Edge can only be installed on Windows 10 versions 1803 and above.

Interactive Selection Fails After Installing the Extension

When Edge is opened, corresponding background processes are also created and remain active even after the browser is closed. After the extension is installed and the browser is closed, the Edge process is still running in the background and does not get updated with the new information to be able to generate selectors in Edge.

Before you create your first automation projects for Edge, you must close the browser and terminate the corresponding process from Task Manager after you install the extension.

Starting a Job From Orchestrator Fails

On Windows logon, the Edge browser automatically starts as a background process. The extensions page is also loaded in the background, but is closed after several seconds. However, the extensions page is not reloaded when Edge is booted up, making extensions unusable.

There are two methods to deal with this situation:

  • Restart the Edge browser.
  • Set a default browser other than Edge.

The "htmlWindowName" Attribute is Not Validated

Selectors which contain the htmlWindowName attribute can not be validated. This is caused by a Windows known issue. Please note that this issue no longer occurs in Windows v1909 and greater.

Selectors Are Not Generated For Local Web Pages

If your process uses local web pages (files stored on the local machine) in Edge, selectors are not generated for any element on those pages. This is caused by a Windows known issue.

Imprecise Actions Performed by Type Activities

In particular cases, the Type Into, Type Secure Text, and Send Hotkey activities erroneously interact with their target elements. To prevent this, you need to enable the ClickBeforeTyping property.

As a general rule for browser automations, it is also recommended to enable the SimulateClick property for activities which perform click operations.

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Extension for Edge (Legacy)

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