UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide


There are two installer file types available to install Task Capture on your machine:

  • the TaskCapture.exe used to install Task Capture per-user
  • the TaskCapture.msi used to install Task Capture per-machine



It is NOT supported to have both the .exe and .msi versions of Task Capture on the same machine.
If you have already installed the TaskCapture.exe for previous versions we highly recommend you continue using the .exe installer version for the next releases.
The functionality of both installer types is the same.

Please find below a comparison between the two installer file types. This can help you decide what is the version that suits you.

Installation typeper-user :bust-in-silhouette:per-machine :computer:
App runs after installationYes :white-check-mark:No :x:
Requires Admin Rights for installationNo :x:Yes :white-check-mark:
Requires Admin Rights for runningNo :x:No :x:
Supports command-line installationNo :x:Yes :white-check-mark:
User Data folder%AppData%\Task Capture%AppData%\Task Capture
License files folder%AppData%\Task Capture%ProgramData%\UiPath Task Capture
Destination Folder%localappdata%\Programs\task-capture%ProgramFiles%\Task Capture
Can Destination Folder be changed during installation?No :x:Yes :white-check-mark:

There are several ways to obtain these installation artifacts. Please check this page for details.

For instructions on installing Task Capture with command line arguments, access this page.

TaskCapture.exe Installation

The TaskCapture.exe file enables you to install a user-mode Task Capture. The installation path - %localappdata%\TaskCapture and all other advanced options are already configured to help you get Task Capture up and running right away.

Who it's for

  • Users and Companies who can manage their own system and install the application for their individual/personal use.



The User Mode installer does not require administrator permissions, meaning that it is installed per user and is limited to the rights that the user has.

To start the TaskCapture.exe installation process double-click the file. Wait until the installation is completed.


TaskCapture.msi Installation

This package type natively supports all msiexec commands and is recommended for customers who need to deploy Task Capture to hundreds or thousands of machines. If you don't need to deploy Task Capture at large, download the desktop app.

Who it's for

  • Companies where System Admins are assigned to distributing the application among the employees using the same machine.



To use the TaskCapture.msi installer administrator permissions are required. The installed product is made available to all the users who access the machine.

Task Capture is installed at the following location: C:\Program Files\Task Capture. You can change the install location by clicking the Change... button available in the Destination Folder page of the installation wizard.

After launching the installer, read and accept the End-User License Agreement. Please note that by accepting the aforementioned License Agreement, you implicitly accept the terms of use of UiPath activity packages and their dependencies.




If you have previously installed TaskCapture.exe and now installed the TaskCapture.msi version most likely the integration options for Automation Hub and Test Manager from the Export & Publish page will not be available. Please use the workaround described in Why can't I see the Automation Hub and Test Manager options in the Export & Publish page after installing the TaskCapture.msi version? question available in the Known Issues section of the FAQ.

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