UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Webhooks Service Installation

For your Azure App Service installation of Orchestrator, you must also perform these steps to install the Webhooks service:

  1. From your Azure Portal, create a new web application with a custom name, for example: UiPathWebhookService.
  2. In the Publish field, select Code.
  3. For Runtime Stack select .NET Core 3.1.
  4. Open your new web app and navigate to Settings > Configuration.
  5. From the General Settings tab, select 64-bit for the Platform.
  6. Select Save.



If you did not previously create an Azure AD application and service principal from the Orchestrator installation on Azure, create them now. You must configure these to be able to access your UiPathWebhookService and Resource Group.

  1. Open a Powershell window and execute the Publish-Webhooks.ps1 script. For example:
.\Publish-Webhooks.ps1 `
-action deploy `
-package ".\" `
-azureAccountApplicationId "<AzureApplicationID>" `
-azureAccountPassword "<AzureAccountPassword>" `
-azureSubscriptionId "<SubscriptionID>" `
-azureAccountTenantId "<TenantID>" `
-resourceGroupName "<AzureResourceGroupYouPickedInStep1>" `
-appServiceName "<UiPathWebhookService>" `



Following an initial deployment, you must also execute the MigrateTo-Webhooks.ps1 script.

Migrate to Webhooks

This script is used to migrate data from an existing Orchestrator instance to a new Webhook App Service and set the configurations for both. The script assumes that Orchestrator and Webhooks are already published.

.\MigrateTo-Webhooks.ps1 `
    -cliPackage ""`
    -azureDetails @{azureSubscriptionId = "<subscription_id>"; azureAccountTenantId = "<azure_tenant_id>"; azureAccountApplicationId = "<azure_application_id>"; azureAccountPassword = "<azure_account_password>" } `
    -orchDetails @{ resourceGroupName = "<resourcegroup_name>"; appServiceName = "<appservice_name>";  targetSlot = "Production" } `
    -webhookDetails @{ resourceGroupName = "<resourcegroup_name>"; appServiceName = "<appservice_name>"; targetSlot = "Production" } `

See here for details about the script parameters.

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Webhooks Service Installation

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