UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Software Requirements



Please note that the System Requirements are still under review which means that there might be changes prior to the initial release. However, they should be accurate enough to give you an idea about the environment that needs to be set up.

Server OS

SoftwareCompatible Versions
Windows Server 2012
2012 R2


SoftwareCompatible Versions
SQL Server 2012 Standard or Enterprise Edition
2014 Standard or Enterprise Edition
2016 Standard or Enterprise Edition
2017 Standard or Enterprise Edition
2019 Standard or Enterprise Edition


SoftwareCompatible Versions
Google Chrome 79+
Firefox 73+
Microsoft Edge 20+

Web Servers

SoftwareCompatible Versions
IIS8 or higher

Software Frameworks

SoftwareCompatible Versions
.Net Core3.1 or higher

UiPath Dependencies

SoftwareCompatible Versions
Task Capture20.4.x

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Software Requirements

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