UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Hardware and Software Requirements

The Client Application containing the Recorder and the Processing Queue is the local application that needs to be installed on the user’s machine in order to collect data from the users registered in Task Mining. It is linked to the Admin Console in order to facilitate the recording process management and manage other specific information that the users might need.

Please check the below list containing the requirements for running the Client Application:



Network Connection

HTTPS port open


Minimum Intel i5 to i7
Recommended Intel i7, i9

Operating System

Windows 10 (x64) is fully supported
Windows 7 often works but is not recommended


Minimum 8 GB
Recommended 16 Gb

Storage (HDD)

Minimum 20 GB free space
Recommended 100 Gb

The following browsers provide a higher fidelity recording when used by the end-users generating the data:



Mozilla Firefox

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Hardware and Software Requirements

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