UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Server Installation

Setting up Windows Server

Before UiPath Process Mining can be installed, the server needs to be prepared, i.e., all roles and prerequisites need to be installed. From this point onward, the installation package of UiPath Process Mining is needed.

Follow these steps to modify prepare Windows Server for the installation of UiPath Process Mining.




Login on the server and open the Server Manager.


In the Manage menu, click on Add Roles and Features.


Click through the wizard and keep the default settings.
• In the Server Roles step, enable Web Server (IIS).
• Continue clicking through the wizard and reboot the server if necessary.


From the install directory in the installation package, install the following packages:
vc_redist.x64.exe (for UiPath Process Mining 20.4 and earlier versions).


Reboot the server, and verify that http://localhost shows an IIS test site.

IIS is enabled in Windows Server, and the prerequisites are installed. http://localhost shows the IIS test site.

See illustration below.

Installing UiPath Process Mining

While it is possible to have multiple installations on the same server, it is recommended to have only one installation on a server. This way you can ensure that a customer cannot access the data of another customer.

In this document, the situation where you have one installation of UiPath Process Mining on the server, is explained.

Follow these steps to install UiPath Process Mining on the server.




Run the following batch file: <EXTRACTDIR>\install\activate-build\activate-build.bat.


Copy the file <EXTRACTDIR>\install\processgold.lic to <PLATFORMDIR>.


Copy the directory <EXTRACTDIR>\install\databases to <PLATFORMDIR>.


Right-click on <PLATFORMDIR> and click on Properties.

  • In the Security tab, click on Edit…, and then on Add….
  • Click on Locations…, select your local machine as the Location and click on OK.
  • Enter IIS_IUSRS in the Enter the object names to select text box.
  • Click on Check Names. Verify that IIS_IUSRS is prefixed with the hostname.
  • Click on OK.


In the Group or user names list, select IIS_IUSRS.

  • In the list below find the Full control row, check Allow.
  • Click several times on OK to apply all changes and close all windows.


Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

In the rest of this document, we will refer to this as IIS Manager.


In IIS Manager, select your server.

  • Double click on Feature Delegation.


In this list select Handler Mappings.
In the panel on the right, click on Read/Write.


In IIS Manager, select your server again, and in the panel on the right, click on Restart.


In IIS Manager, right click on Sites and click on Add Website….

  • Enter a name, e.g. processmining.
  • Enter <PLATFORMDIR>\builds as the physical path.
    Enter 8080 as the port number (any unused port number will do).
    Click OK to create the site.
    Note: Leave the localhost binding intact. The initial login is only possible on localhost.


In IIS Manager, click on Application Pools.

  • Select the application pool with the same name as the site you created in the previous step.

In the panel on the right, click on Recycling….

  • Uncheck the Regular time intervals checkbox.
  • Check the Specific time(s) checkbox.
  • In the text box, enter 02:00.

Other times will also do, but keep in mind that all users that are logged in, will be logged out at that time.

  • Click on Next, and Finish.

UiPath Process Mining is installed. It can be accessed locally at http://localhost:8080/?page=superadmin.
A login screen is displayed where you can log in with the default username sa and default password sa.

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Server Installation

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