UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Installing a Training Environment


If you want follow the UiPath Process Mining courses of the UiPath Academy you need an installation to execute the exercises. There are a few options to set this up, each one with its own risks you should be aware of.

Installation options

The options are:

  • Set up an installation on another server
  • Set up a second installation on the same server
    A separate installation is preferred. The best performing method is to set up a training installation on a separate server.



As this is a different server, a new license needs to be requested.

Using a second installation on the same server also requires a new license. For installing a training environment UiPath offers discounted non-production licenses.

A second installation can also be done on the same server as the production environment. Note that this does have the downside of sharing server capacity (CPU, RAM, and storage) with the production installation.



Using the production installation is highly discouraged as super admin users can release an application which could overwrite the production application. Also, various other assets are shared between all users on an installation (e.g. datasets, repositories).

A training installation, depending on the number of developers, could take a substantial part of this capacity away from the production installation.

Setting up a second installation on the same server

Follow these steps to perform a second installation of UiPath Process Mining.




On the server, create a directory for the training enviroment (e.g.c:\processmining-training).
We will now refer to this directory as <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>.


Create the directory <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>\builds.


Place the installation package in the <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>\builds directory.
• Right-click on the installation package.
• Select Extract All…. A subdirectory is now created automatically.

We will now refer to this directory as <EXTRACTDIR>.


Run the following batch file: <EXTRACTDIR>\install\activate-build\activate-build.bat.


Copy the file <EXTRACTDIR>\install\processgold.lic to <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>.


Copy the directory <EXTRACTDIR>\install\databases to <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>.


Right click on <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR> and click on Properties.
In the Security tab, click on Edit…, and then on Add….
• Enter IIS_IUSRS in the text box.
• Click on Check Names. Verify that IIS_IUSRS is prefixed with the hostname.
• Click on OK.


In the Group or user names list, select IIS_IUSRS.
• In the list below find the Full control row, check Allow.
• Click several times on OK to apply all changes and close all windows.


Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.


In IIS Manager, right click on Sites and click on Add Website….

• Enter a name, e.g. processmining-training.
• Enter <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>\builds as the physical path.
• Enter 8081 as the port number (any unused port number will do but keep the port number of the production installation in mind).
• Click OK to create the site.

Note: Leave the localhost binding intact. The initial login is only possible on localhost.


In IIS Manager, click on Application Pools.
• Select the application pool with the same name as the site you created in the previous step.
In the panel on the right, click on Recycling….
• Uncheck the Regular time intervals checkbox.
• Check the Specific time(s) checkbox.
• In the text box, enter 02:00.
Other times will also do, but keep in mind that all users that are logged in, will be logged out at that time.
• Click on Next, and Finish.


Update your license and Git Repository.



When there is a clean Process Mining installation on the server, you can copy the <PLATFORMDIR> of the clean installation to <PLATFORMTRAININGDIR>. In this case, you can skip steps 1 to 6, and start with step 7.

A new installation of UiPath Process Mining is now done.

The new installation of UiPath Process Mining can be accessed from http://localhost:8081/?page=superadmin. Here, you can log in with the default username sa and default password sa.



superadmin in the URL must be all lowercase!

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Installing a Training Environment

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