UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Deploying the UiPath Process Mining Profiler

The UiPath Process Mining Profiler is an application that must be deployed on an environment before it can be used.

Follow these steps to deploy the Profiler.

1Go to the Superadmin Settings tab.
2Add a new environment PG-Profiler to your installation.
Note: you must use exactly this name, otherwise you will not be able to navigate to the Profiler from within the profiled application.
3Go to the Superadmin Releases tab.
4Click on the menu icon at the top left and select Upload a release to this server… to upload Profiler.mvtag.
5Right-click on PG-Profiler/<Profiler version> and select Make active on... -> PG-Profiler.
6Go to the Superadmin Released Data tab.
7Select the PG-Profiler environment and click on Generate Cache now.
8Select Workspace in the Dataset field and select All in the Organization field.

The UiPath Process Mining Profiler is now ready to be used from within an application.



You should make sure that all users that should be enabled to use the UiPath Process Mining Profiler, have access to the new PG-Profiler environment.

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Deploying the UiPath Process Mining Profiler

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