UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Deploying the Basic Connector

Uploading the BasicConnector file

To use the Basic Connector you must upload the BasicConnector file.
Follow these steps to upload the BasicConnector file.

1Go to the Superadmin Workspaces tab.
2Click on the menu icon and select New branch… to create a new branch.
3Enter a name for the new branch, for example Connector, and select the correct repository.
5Click on the menu icon and select New… to create a new workspace in which you want to upload the Basic Connector template.
6Enter a name for the new workspace, for example Connector, select the correct repository and select Connector for the Branch.
8Right click in the workspace and select Upload file….
9Drag the BasicConnector – SingleFile.mvp or BasicConnector - TwoFiles.mvp to the Upload file dialog and click on OK.
10Click on the menu icon in the Workspaces tab and select Commit… to commit your changes.



You can also drag the file directly onto the Workspaces tab.

The BasicConnector file is uploaded to the Workspace. See the illustration below.

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Deploying the Basic Connector

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