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The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Creating Accounts for Developers


In the Superadmin page, the Superadmin users are listed in the Superadmin users tab. This is where new Superadmin users can be added or deleted and the password and IP can be changed for existing users.

This guide describes the following topics:

  • Adding Superadmin accounts.
  • Managing Superadmin account activation.
  • Deleting Superadmin accounts.
  • Changing Superadmin passwords.
  • Changing the IP addresses from which the Superadmin may connect.

Password Requirements

Passwords must:

  • Be at least 8 characters long.
  • Contain both an uppercase and a lowercase letter.
  • Contain a number or special character.

IP Address

The IP address is the address, or the set of addresses, from which the user may connect. The IP address must be a regular expression, for example, ".*" can be used to allow the user to connect from anywhere, or "127\.0\.0\.1|::1" for just from the localhost.



Since the IP address is a regular expression, the dots (.) in the address must be escaped using a backslash ‘\’.

Adding Superadmin Accounts

It is possible to create a new Superadmin account. A user name, password, and the IPs from which the new Superadmin user can connect can be set.

Follow these steps to add a new Superadmin user

1Click on the menu icon in the top left corner and select Add user…
2Enter a new user name in the Name field.
3Enter a new password in the Password field.
4Enter a regular expression in the IP field.
5Click on ADD USER.

The new user is added to the list of Superadmin users.

Deleting Superadmin Accounts

Existing Superadmin users can be deleted. Deleted users will no longer be able to log in and all the workspaces created by this user will be deleted.

Follow these steps to remove a Superadmin user

1Right-click on an existing Superadmin user to open the context-menu and select Delete user.
2Click on DELETE.

The deleted user is no longer on the list and all their workspaces have been deleted as well.

Changing Superadmin Passwords

The password for an individual user can be changed.

Follow these steps to change the password of a Superadmin user.

1Right-click on an existing Superadmin user to open the context-menu and select
Change password....
2Enter a new password in the New password field.
3Enter the same password in the Confirm password field.

The password of the Superadmin user is now changed to the new password.

Changing the IP Addresses From Which the Superadmin User Can Connect

The IP address or the set of IP addresses from which an individual Superadmin user can connect can be changed.

Follow these steps to change the IP address.

1Hover over the IP address that is to be changed.
2Click on the pencil icon that appears in front of the IP.
3Enter a new regular expression in the IP field.
4Click on OK.

The IP address from which the Superadmin user may connect has now been changed and the new address is visible in the overview.

Managing Superadmin Account Activation

The number of active users with Superadmin rights is limited to the number of users defined by your license. You can view the license information on the Superadmin License tab.
See the illustration below.

If the maximum number of users allowed by the license is exceeded a message is displayed on the Superadmin users tab.
You must inactivate the users that exceed the allowed number.

Follow this step to inactivate a user.

1Click on the check box in the Active column of the user.

See the illustration below.

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Creating Accounts for Developers

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