UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Hardware Requirements

Action Center can scale up to a high number of concurrent users if the connected Orchestrator can handle load as per the requirements documented here.


Single Node Deployments

Test Setup and Sample Data

To test the performance for a single node Action Center connected to a single node Orchestrator instance, the below setup and sample data was used:

  • 3 hours of test time
  • Form Data payload having a size of 5000 bytes
  • 28,000 actions created
  • 17 different API endpoints executions
  • Simulated concurrent users


The following recommendations are based on an in-house load test with the above-mentioned sample data in a sandboxed environment.
Customers need to derive hardware size based on their business requirements (average payload size, load expected, concurrent users, etc).

Max. Concurrent UsersCPU Cores (min 2GHz)RAM (GB)


Multi-Node Deployments

Test Setup and Sample Data

We ran performance tests to mimic a large load on Action Center and Orchestrator, with the following sample data:

  • 10,000 concurrent Action Center users
  • 240,000 actions
    • 60% document validation actions
    • 40% form actions
  • Payload per one form action:
    • Form layout—5KB
    • Form data—5KB
    • 10 storage files x 100KB
  • Payload per one document validation action:
    • One PDF file x 150KB


Based on our performance tests, we recommend the maximum numbers below:

  • 150,000 attended robots connected to Orchestrator and running jobs
  • 10,000 Action Center users processing actions
  • 3,000 unattended robots running jobs (creating actions and resuming after the actions completion)

To ensure seamless performance for the above scenario, we recommend setting the following environment:

Environment Configuration

InstanceNo. of Deployment NodesAzure VMvCPU CoresFrequency (GHz)RAM (GB)
Action Center3B2s22.04
SQL Server1F32322.064

Drive Storage

Allocate a drive for each of the following content:

Stored ContentDrive Capacity
Temporary database1TB
Transactional logs1TB

Database Setup

Redis Enterprise HACentOS
8 CPU Cores
2.0 GHz minimum frequency
Bucket storage VMStandard L32s_v2
Ultra Disc 4TB 900MB/s throughput

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Hardware Requirements

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