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Managing Alerts

The Pulse tab of the Insights Portal provides an overview of all existing alerts.

Alerts are triggered by specified conditions from a selected widget. The following types of widgets support alerts:

  • Indicator Widgets
  • Area Chart Widgets
  • Bar Chart Widgets
  • Column Chart Widgets
  • Line Chart Widgets



Each alert only monitors a single value, to monitor multiple values you must configure a separate alert for each.

Creating Alerts

Alerts are created from any individual widget while viewing a dashboard in the Analytics tab. To create a new alert:

  1. For Indicator widgets, open the Options menu and select Add to Pulse. For all other supported widget types, right click the desired value and select Add to Pulse. The Add to Pulse window appears.
  2. In the Name field enter a descriptive name.
  3. From the Alert Condition field, select from the following options:
    a. Threshold - Alert notification is sent when a specified value is reached.
    b. Automatic - Using a machine learning algorithm, an alert notification is sent when an anomalous value is detected.
    c. Always - An alert notification is sent each time the data cube is updated, regardless of any changes in the data. This results in an alert approximately every 15 minutes.
  4. For Threshold alerts, enter the desired threshold value in the You will be notified when value is: field.
  5. Optional. Select the Advanced option to edit the list of people to be notified and the delivery method(s) of the alert.
  6. Click Add. Your alert is created and is now visible in the Pulse tab of the Analytics Portal.

Editing Alerts

To edit or delete an existing alert, use the available menu in the Pulse tab.

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Managing Alerts

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