UiPath Insights

The UiPath Insights Guide


Current Limitations

  • Alerts and schedules are not removed when you delete users in Insights. To remove the alerts and schedules of deleted users, you need to get help from UiPath Support Services.
  • You cannot share access to dashboards with individual people inside the product; you can only send them static reports via email.
  • You cannot export/import dashboard files.
  • We currently don't support number formatting localization built in with regional localization.
  • A localization issue causes strings in filters and data labels in charts to remain in English even when opting for another language.
  • Job duration for processes that leverage the Orchestration Process activities and spend time in a Suspended state will be counted from start to end, not excluding the time spent in suspended. This may skew run time calculations and will be addressed soon.
  • Long dashboard names can cause tile icons to be improperly displayed. To fix the issue, shorten the name or remove all spaces.
  • When using Japanese custom field names, only Kanji characters are displayed in the visualization tile.
  • The Pivot option is not supported for Merge Query.

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