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Specific Insights features such as custom variables are currently available only through Automation Cloud.

For more information on feature comparison, see 2021.10 Upgrade Cheat Sheet.

Release date: 8 November 2021

New Insights Installer

We now have a new Insights installer. It is called InsightsInstaller.msi and is meant to replace the old UiPathInsightsInstaller.exe installer, which continues to be available for previous releases. For more details on how to use the new installer as well as the hardware and software requirements you must meet, see Insights installation.

Revamped User Experience

The new installer also brings a revamped user experience and closes the gap between cloud and on-premises functionality, as the two deployment models are now closer than ever to feature parity. You can expect an enhanced ROI experience as well as more powerful reporting and analytics.

Curious how your interaction with Insights is impacted by these changes? Go ahead and browse through our 2021.10 Upgrade Cheat Sheet and the rest of the Insights user guide.

Insights Now Decoupled from Orchestrator

We have decoupled Insights from Orchestrator. Rest assured, we have not dropped any functionality, and all tasks that you previously performed via Orchestrator can now be tackled in Insights. For more details, see the Insights guide.


Insights now ingests all Robot logs of level information or higher.

Known Issues

Dark theme is not applied to the dashboard area.

Using an expired license to upgrade to version 2021.10, and then replacing it with a valid one causes an error. To fix this, you need to reset the IIS.

When upgrading to 2021.10, users with Insights permissions are not currently migrated to the new version. A script to do so will be available soon.
:warning: Erratum 7 February 2022: Migrating users with the Insights User Migration Tool is now available.

Every time a long running workflow resumes, it is recorded as a new job. As a result, one long running workflow can be counted multiple times and impact the actual number of executed jobs.


Release date: 3 November 2021

We're excited to announce a new deployment option for Insights. Meet UiPath Automation Suite, a bundle designed to offer a consistent, painless, and elegant experience when installing, upgrading, and managing UiPath web products, with Insights being among them. For more on this, see the Automation Suite guide.

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