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UiPath Templates

When accessing Insights for the first time, the UiPath Templates tab is displayed along with its corresponding default templates: Processes, Queues, and Robots. ROI Viewer or ROI Editor permissions are needed in order to see a fourth template called Business ROI. The Business ROI template will be locked unless the administrator has added data to the ROI dataset, and the appropriate permissions are granted to a user.


See Templates for additional details.

My Dashboards

Dashboards that you create from scratch or copy from the templates or the Tenant tab will appear in the My Dashboards tab.

See Dashboards for more information.


The Tenant tab is where you can copy dashboards from My Dashboards and share them with everyone who has access to Insights on the respective tenant. Viewers only have view access to any dashboards shared here, and Designers can make a local copy of any dashboards shared to Tenant.



You can use the search bar to find templates or specific dashboards you have created.

Looking for a specific feature?

The availability of the Insights features differs based on the type of deployment that you have. For example, you can use custom variables only in the Automation Cloud deployment.

For more information on feature comparison, see Upgrade Cheat Sheet.

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