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Granting Permissions



  • When unlicensed, Insights can be enabled but cannot be accessed.
  • Only users with admin permissions may grant other users access.
  • Only 10 users across the entire account may be granted Designer permissions. For more Designer users, please contact your UiPath representative.

Permission Types

Insights supports three main roles: Viewer, Designer, and Admin. ROI Viewer and ROI Editor are add-on permissions to the base roles. Viewer is the most common role granted to users of Insights.

The following section provides details on each role.

Designer Permissions

A Designer is a user who has edit/copy/create/delete permissions on Insights. Designers may edit dashboards, create new dashboards, make copies of templates to the My Dashboards section, share dashboards with Tenant or copy dashboards shared to Tenant, and delete dashboards.



By default, the number of Designer users is limited to 10. If you want to add more, contact us to purchase additional Designer users.
The number of Viewers is unlimited.

Viewer Permissions

A Viewer is a user who has view-only permissions on Insights. Viewers are only able to view the UiPath Templates and Tenant sections, but they cannot create their own dashboards. However, they can download the template or tenant dashboards or schedule them for delivery.

Admin Permissions

An Admin is a user who has permissions to configure Insights. Admins have access to User Management and are the only ones who can enter values for the tenant ROI Dataset.

The Admin role includes Viewer permissions . You may not remove Admin permissions on Insights from a user in this group.



You need to explicitly provide Designer permissions to Admins in order to allow them to edit or create dashboards.

ROI Viewer/Editor Permissions

ROI Viewer/Editor are auxiliary permissions. You must add them on to one of the two main permissions: Viewer or Designer. This permission is specifically targeted to control who can see or make copies of the Business ROI template, as well as access the ROI-related Explores.

Users assigned to ROI Viewer have view-only access to the Business ROI template. They can interact with the dashboard, but they cannot copy it to their own dashboards (even if they have Designer permissions). To grant a user ROI Viewer permissions, they must have the Viewer or Designer role.

Users assigned to ROI Editor can copy the Business ROI template into the My Dashboards section. They have access to the Process Manual Values and Queue Manual Values Explores (where the ROI baseline values are stored), which enables them to build new widgets containing the data entered by the admin for the ROI dataset. To grant a user ROI Editor permissions, they must have the Designer role.

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Granting Permissions

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