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Business ROI Queues


The Business ROI Queues template contains widgets and formulas to use as a starting point to identify the amount of time and money saved by Processes that use queues.



Time-Saved (Hours)Time saved using Queues (in hours)See how much time you saved using processes that leverage Queues. The calculation is done by multiplying the time it takes a human to complete the transaction (Time Saved) by the count of the transactions (queue items).
Money Saved (Dollars)Money saved (in dollars)View the estimated amount of money that has been saved through processes that leverage Queues. The calculation is done by multiplying Time Saved (described above) by how much it costs for a human to run each transaction per hour (Hourly Cost).
Goal for This YearProgress towards the set target amount of money savedSee the amount of money saved against your yearly goal.
Top 10 Time-Saving QueuesQueues with top time-saving resultsRank the most time-saving Queues.
Money Saved Per QueueQueue name by the amount of money saved (in dollars)Get an overview of the amount of money saved by each Queue.
Time Saved MonthlyTime saved monthly by each QueueKeep track of the time saved by each Queue on a monthly basis.

Working with Business ROI Queues dashboards

Populate the ROI dataset with the values of each process and queue relevant for ROI calculations. Copy and customize this template to set yearly money-saving targets, customize formulas to be specific to your use case, and add anything else that speaks to your automation benefits.

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Business ROI Queues

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