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Attended Reporting


The Attended Reporting template displays an overview of your attended robot workforce. You can use this template to stay on top of usage and get a pulse on how your RPA program is doing.



Execution Data• Unique processes
• Processes
• Success rate
• Faulted rate
• Total execution time (hours)
Metrics that help you understand the overall health of your attended RPA program.
Jobs Executions TrendProcesses Ran by timeExplore the job execution trendline.
Top 10 Most Used Processes• Process Name
• Folder
• Processes Ran
• Success Rate
Track what processes have been used most often.
Top 10 Faulted Processes• Process Name
• Folder
• Processes Ran
• Faulted Jobs
• Faulted Rate
## Keep track of processes with high error rates.
Active Unique Users/MonthCount of Unique Users by timeSee the number of active Attended users for each month.
Top 10 Most Active UsersProcesses Ran by User NameTrack which members of your attended team are most active.
Top 10 Rarely Used ProcessesProcesses Ran by Processes NameView processes that are used the least, and so might be least impactful.
Top 10 Least Active UsersProcesses Ran by User NameGet information about the least active users to redistribute licenses or provide more training if needed.
Executions from Studio• Process Name
• User Name
• Count of Completed Runs
Check job executions directly from Studio. These cannot be seen in Orchestrator, only Insights.

Working with the Attended Reporting Template

See this blog post written by the Insights product team to dive more into each metric and how to take action based on the values.

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Attended Reporting

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