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Compatibility matrix

Technical Compatibility Matrix

The below matrix provides information about the interoperability between Orchestrator and Robot and Studio, Test Manager, AI Center, Insights, and Action Center according to their versions and Orchestrator's delivery model. Patches are implicitly supported in this matrix unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

By not upgrading, you are restricted to using the features of the smallest installed version of either Robot or Orchestrator.

It is usually recommended to first upgrade your Orchestrator and then your Robots. In this scenario, the Robots have to be reconnected to Orchestrator after the update.

Some versions are no longer supported. Please refer to the product lifecycle for more information. We do not support interoperability between two products if one of them is out of support.

- Compatible - Not compatible

Product Version

Orchestrator 2021.4.x

Orchestrator 2020.10.x

Orchestrator 2020.4.x

Orchestrator 2019.10.x

Orchestrator 2018.4.x



Robot and Studio 2021.4.x

Robot and Studio 2020.10.x

Robot and Studio 2020.4.x




Robot and Studio 2019.10.x

3, 6

3, 6


Robot and Studio 2018.4.x

3, 4, 6, 7

3, 4, 6, 7

2, 3, 4

2, 4



Test Manager

Test Manager 2021.4.1


Test Manager 2020.10.2+

Test Manager 2020.4.2(GA)+


AI Center10

AI Center 2021.4.x


AI Center 2020.10.x


AI Center 2020.7.x



Insights 2021.4.x

Insights 2020.10.x

Insights 2020.4.x

Insights 2019.10.x


Action Center

Action Center 2021.4.x




Action Center 2020.10.x




1 - Studio and Robot always need to have the same version. For example, if you have Studio 2021.4.x installed, Robot must be v2021.4.x as well. This also applies to Studio Pro.
2 - If the Scalability.SignalR.AuthenticationEnabled parameter is set to true, you can only use 2018.4.4 Robots or above. For more information, see this page.
3 - Robots 2019.10 and older cannot execute unattended processes in modern folders.
4 - Robots 2019.4 and older only work with classic folders.
5 - TLS 1.1 / TLS 1.2 must be enabled.
6 - Robots 2018.4.4+ and 2020.4- connect to Orchestrator via Long Polling only.
7 - Robot SignalR authentication is not configurable and is enabled by default to ensure secure communication between Orchestrator and Robots. As such, you can only use 2018.4.4 Robots or above.
8 - The Link Test Suite feature is not available in Test Manager.
9 - Compatibility between Test Manager 2020.4.2(GA)+ and Studio Pro 2021.4.x is also not supported.
10 - This compatibility applies to UiPath Document Understanding as well since it is built on top of the AI Center infrastructure.
11 - It is recommended to use at least Orchestrator 2020.4.3, as there is a communication issue between the AI Center and Orchestrator machine on previous versions.

UiPath Process Mining and Task Capture work as standalone products and do not require a compatibility matrix. Even so, for the best experience, the following requirements must be met:

  • For Process Mining and Automation Hub integration, you need to have at least 2021.4 for both products in Automation CloudTM.
  • To run Task Capture from Automation Hub in Automation CloudTM, Task Capture needs to be at least 2020.10.4 or above.

Automation CloudTM Orchestrator

For Orchestrator services residing in Automation CloudTM, we ensure backward compatibility with the three latest enterprise Robot and Studio releases.

Cloud Orchestrator Service

Latest Robot and Studio version
Mainstream Support

Second-latest Robot and Studio version
Mainstream Support

Third-latest Robot and Studio version
Extended Support

If you are currently using the third-latest Robot version, you should make arrangements to upgrade Robot before we release the next Robot version to avoid compatibility issues.
Let's say you are using Automation CloudTM Orchestrator services in September 2021, just before the 21.10 release. Robot version 20.4 is in Extended Support at this point, but following the 21.10 release, 20.4 Robot will be out of support and no longer guaranteed to work with cloud Orchestrator services.

Some versions are no longer supported. Please refer to the product lifecycle for more information. We don't support interoperability between two products if one of them is out of support.

UiPath Approach

Activity Packages

Activity package versions are independent of Studio, Robot, or Orchestrator versions, except for Orchestrator activities. For example, the Start Job activity, introduced in 2018.1, only works on 2018.1 Robots or newer.

Automation Projects

Projects created with alpha or beta Studio versions might not be compatible with newer Studio builds, nor can they be executed by newer Robots.
We support backward compatibility, except for breaking changes announced in the official release notes, and following the product lifecycle.
Newer Robots can execute projects created with older versions of Studio. For example, a project created with Studio 2018.4 should work on a 2019.10 Robot or newer.
We do not support forward compatibility. Projects created with newer versions of Studio might not work with older Robots. For example, a project created in Studio 2019.10 might not work with a 2018.4 Robot.

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Compatibility matrix

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