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Last updated 19 de jul. de 2024


Release notes for the current year are available by clicking on a month in the table of contents on the left.

Each page lists the changes made in Automation CloudTM Public Sector during the month: new features, bug fixes, and more.

Status page

To stay up to date with uptime for all Automation Cloud™ services, planned maintenance periods, or incidents, see the Status page.

Feature rollout

Our approach to introducing new features or updates is designed to ensure a seamless and effective transition for you.

What to expect

  1. Release notes: After we finalize the development and testing of new features or updates, we announce them through release notes. These release notes are accessible at

  2. Transparency: Our release notes are designed to be transparent and informative. They detail what the new feature entails, and any changes it brings to existing functionality.

  3. Timing: Users should expect to see new features or updates shortly after the release notes are made available. The specific timing may vary based on the complexity of the feature or update, but we aim to make them accessible as soon as possible following the announcement.

  • Status page
  • Feature rollout
  • What to expect

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