UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Use a predefined schema

To use the retraining capability in AI Center, you need to use a set of fields based on the fields already extracted by the out-of-the-box pre-trained ML Packages offered by UiPath. This list of fields is called a schema.

To make it easier to get started, we are providing below the schemas for the out-of-the-box ML Packages. These are .zip files that you can import into Document Manager just like you would import a dataset.

The schemas for the pre-trained ML Packages provided by UiPath are available at the links in the table below:



The InvoicesJapan ML Package only supports Google Cloud Vision OCR.

After downloading a .zip file from the table above, you can import the schema in Document Manager by clicking the Import button import from the management bar, and then uploading the .zip file from the Import data dialog box. Document Manager detects that it is a new schema and imports it directly.

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Use a predefined schema

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