UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

AI Center Relation to Document Understanding

AI Center is the infrastructure on top of which UiPath Document Understanding machine learning models run. These models can be deployed or instantiated for retraining with a few clicks.

See ML Packages.

See below for a summary of the Document Understanding plus AI Center deployment options.



In this context, On Prem means the software is deployed in the customer’s environment, which can include Cloud deployments like Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud refers to the UiPath-hosted Automation Cloud.

Deployment TypeOrchestratorAI CenterDocument Understanding ML PackagesLicensingNotes
SaaSAnyNot usedCloud
Cloud- Uses read-only SaaS endpoints (e.g.,
- ML Packages not retrainable
- Community vs. Enterprise determined by API key
- Enterprise version may store data temporarily for service quality assurance and monitoring
- Community version retains data for UiPath use
(in AI Center)
Cloud- Full Cloud deployment
- Zero customer infrastructure footprint for AI Center/Document Understanding
- Document Understanding ML Packages deployed via AI Center ML Skills may store data temporarily for service quality assurance and monitoring
HybridOn PremCloudCloud
(in AI Center)
Cloud- Uses public ML Skill capability from AI Center
- On Prem orchestrated Robots call public ML Skills hosted inside AI Center Cloud via direct URL, with Document Understanding API key from the Cloud platform
- Reverse hybrid approach also possible (Cloud Orchestrator, On Prem AI Center): same approach of exposing ML Packages from On Prem AI Center using public ML Skills capability
On Prem - ConnectedOn PremOn PremOn Prem
(in AI Center)
Cloud- Default licensing model when picking On Prem
- Cloud platform for licensing and metering checks only: no business data sent outside customer’s information security boundary
- Enables subsequent SKU swaps because of visibility on metering usage
On Prem - AirgappedOn PremOn PremOn Prem
(in AI Center)
On Prem
(in Orchestrator)
- Not the default licensing model for On Prem Document Understanding unless specifically requested: installation more complex than On Prem - Connected install
- Licensing file created by DealHub with On Prem Orchestrator used for licensing
- No post-deal close swaps as we have no visibility into actual usage

For further details about the deployment architecture, please contact your account team to share detailed documentation under NDA.

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AI Center Relation to Document Understanding

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