UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

General Release Notes - ML Packages

3 June 2022 | v22.4.1

Release date in AI Center Cloud | Data Extraction ML Packages

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug occurring when running an evaluation pipeline on a model trained with the special line_detection mode, causing predictions to be different than when called from the ML skill.

10 May 2022 | v22.4.0

DocumentUnderstanding + DocumentClassifier + Data Extraction ML Packages

What's New

Handwriting capabilities are now available for the UiPathDocumentOCR and the UiPathDocumentOCR_CPU packages, by integrating the HandwritingRecognitionOCR. The same capabilities can be found in the UiPath.OCR.LocalServer Studio package. More details about it can be found here.

New architecture on extraction ML Packages, with major benefits, especially to models trained using the DocumentUnderstanding ML Package.

Utility Bills, W9, and Passports ML Packages are now available as GA. Five new out-of-the-box pre-trained ML Packages are now available in -Preview to ease your work.

Five new out-of-the-box pre-trained ML Packages are now available in -Preview to ease your work. Here you can find all the needed information about them.

Document Search is a new feature available in Document Manager facilitating labelling documents with a high number of pages.


Improvements have been made to the ML Packages for document extraction in AI Center. The Evaluation Excel spreadsheet has received new sheets, allowing you to better organize and interpret the evaluated data. More information about this can be found here.

ML Packages in Automation Suite offline installation have received a new offline bundle. More information about this can be found here.

Accuracy and performance have been improved for the UiPathDocumentOCR.

Bug Fixes

Multiple fixes on parsing date fields, including dates in Column fields, dates in Turkish documents, dates far into the future.

New ML Packages, package version: 22.4.0

ML PackagePublic PreviewGenerally Available

Updated ML Packages, package version: 22.4.0

ML PackagePublic PreviewGenerally Available

28 June 2022

Known Issues

  • In some situations, the extracted fields are shown on the wrong page in Validation Station.

General Release Notes - Document Understanding Service

9 June 2022

What's New

A new feature, Dataset Diagnostics, is now available to help you build effective datasets by providing visual and written guidance throughout the whole process of training a new model.

30 May 2022

What's New

Document Understanding Service is now available for general use, bringing a new, more integrated interface, that includes Document Manager and Forms AI. Enable the service on your tenant in UiPath Cloud and a new tab becomes available in the left navigation bar.

Forms AI is now available as part of the Document Understanding Service and can be used for uploading and processing structured forms with standard layouts and fields.

Data Manager changes its name to Document Manager.

A new option is available in Document Manager, allowing you to permanently delete individual files. The option can be found in the drop down that also contains the download option.

You now have the option to rename previously created fields.

Search inside a document is now possible, allowing you to search for words in your current document.

Data gathered from importing a dataset is now integrated into the JSON files of the subset field, meaning that if you manually modify the file or delete it completely from the dataset, it does not have an impact over the training of the model.

Deleted documents are now excluded from deduplication, meaning that you can now import the same document twice. Deleted documents are also excluded from searching or filtering, so it only searches non-deleted documents unless you are using the deleted keyword.

Document view has received new getting started tips.


When using the Predict functionality along with Document Manager, tagged data that was not manually edited by the user is replaced with the values received from the model.

Added more descriptive tooltips on Training, Validation, and Evaluation document types.

The edit field dialog box for column and regular fields has been restructured. Post processing, Multi page, Scoring, and Color options have been moved to the Advanced tab. The rest of the options can be found in the General tab.

Speed improvement on import for duplicate documents.

Classification fields now appear in the order they're created.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a known issue that was causing the search or the download of a document which contained characters that require URL encoding (&, ,, +, #, ') in its file name to fail with an invalid query.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Predict functionality to fail on documents with very dense text.
  • Removed the 2000 documents import limit per session. Now you can have more than 2000 documents in a session, considering the limit of 2000 pages per import.
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing you to select more than 3 boxes when pressing ctrl or shift.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an import to hang in processing until being timed out after the pod was restarted but the job did not resume.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Predict function from extracting data from the entire document. Please note that the 10 page limit when using the function with Public Endpoints is still in place.
  • Fixed a bug for Microsoft Read OCR where endpoints matching the * subdomains were throwing an OCR endpoint is not valid error.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Document Manager dataset import to mix up pages on documents with more than 10 pages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the download or the export of an empty dataset or only a small subset of the full dataset when the All labelled option was selected.

Known Issues

  • Maximum import size decreased from 2GB or 2000 pages to 1GB or 2000 pages.
  • Searching or downloading a document containing characters that require URL encoding (&, ,, +, #, ') in its file name fails with invalid query.

For more details about all changes that occurred in Document Manager, please consult the previous Release Notes.

6 June 2022

What's New

A new OCR method, UiPath Chinese, Japanese, Korean OCR, is now available and can be applied to new or already created projects from Document Understanding Service, Cloud only.

24 May 2022


Fixed a bug that was causing considerable memory consumption when Validation Station was run on Cloud with Action Center. Now, everything works as expected and memory consumption is within normal range.

6 May 2022


The Predict button has been moved next to the Settings button.

The Batch Name has been added to the Management Bar.

The request of setting the MLPackages.View permission was removed from AI Center.

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May 2022

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