UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Machine Learning Classifier

Machine Learning Classifier uses a machine learning model deployed as an ML Skill in AI Center to perform document classification tasks.

How to Configure at Design-Time

Perform the following steps to use the Machine Learning Classifier:

  1. Create a classifier model on AI Center.



Use the DocumentClassifier package available under Out-of-Box Document Understanding packages on AI Center. The data required for model training is collected through Machine Learning Classifier Trainer.

  1. Use the Taxonomy Manager Wizard to define your document type, with the fields you are targeting for data extraction.

  2. Drag and drop the Machine Learning Classifier activity in the Classify Document Scope activity. Review the message and click OK.

  3. In the Machine Learning Classifier wizard that automatically opens, provide the ML Skill and the ApiKey information.

Learn More

To learn more about Machine Learning Classifier, please visit this page.

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Machine Learning Classifier

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