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The Extract Document Data can momentarily be used only with Document Understanding projects created using Automation Cloud and configured with the UiPath Document OCR engine.

The Extract Document Data activity requires an activity that precedes it which can provide the file or folder used for the Extract Document Data activity. For example, Get File/Folder, or Get Newest Email activities can be used.

Extracts data from a document and stores the results into automatically generated variables.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.


  • Project - The Document Understanding Project retrieved from Document Understanding. If no Project is configured in Document Understanding , then only the pre-defined Document Types are present.

  • Extractor - The type of the document. It can be a predefined one, used for standard cases, or custom, defined in Document Understanding; and retrieved from the project previously created by the user.

  • Input File - Object containing file information like the path, content type (optional), or length. The supported formats are .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .tif, .tiff. The width and height settings of the input files must be between 50px - 10000px. Any settings above or below these limits result in an error.


  • Extraction Results - All the extracted field data from the file, stored in a field,value format.



Support is provided for 20 page documents on a standard sized robot (2GB RAM). Better performances can be achieved by manually increasing the size of the used robot. Here are more information about manually increasing the robot size.

Using the Extract Document Data

Getting started

Before using the Extract Document Data activity with Studio Web, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • Documentation Understanding is activated as a Provision Service on the tenant in use.
  • an API Key is generated under Admin Licenses on the Cloud Platform. If no API Key is available, then generate one by going to Admin -> Licenses -> Robots & Services and generate one to be able to use the Activity. .

After adding the Extract Document Data activity to the workflow, you have the following actions available:

  • Rename - Rename the activity.
  • Add breakpoint - Sets a breakpoint in your workflow.
  • Copy - Copies the activity.
  • Cut - Cuts the activity from your workflow.
  • Remove - Removes the activity from your workflow.

Customizing the activity

The parameters marked with * are all mandatory and ask for an input.
The Input File parameter has the following options available:

  • Save as value - Saves the input data as a value and stores it in the Document Understanding App.
  • Saved values - Provides a list with all available saved values.
  • Activity Outputs - Provides a list will all available activity outputs.
  • Open Expression Editor - Opens a dialog box where you can add/edit an expression. You can use the available Saved Values and the Activity Outputs to write the expression. For both options, values can be chosen from the drop-down menu. The added expression is automatically saved in the Input File project folder.

The Output parameters are available under the Show additional options menu.



Importing or downloading a project from Studio Web isn't also importing or downloading the tenant's Document Understanding projects and extractors.

Manage the projects by using the Manage projects option. This option is redirecting you to the Document Understanding Projects dashboard from Automation Cloud.

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Extract Document Data -Preview

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