UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Export documents

A labelled image is an image with at least one labelled field, of any kind. You can see how many images are visible at the top-left of the page. The Export button enables you to easily export data for training ML models.

Exporting a label document takes into consideration the active filter.

  • If you have no filter applied, all labeled images visible in the current view except for testset images are exported.
  • If you have applied a filter, all labeled images visible in the view, including testset images are exported.
  • If you want to export all testset images, select test-set option from the filters drop-down.


Export requirements

Exporting a dataset requires that the following conditions be satisfied:

  • each Regular or Column field is labelled on at least 10 different images
  • each class of any one Classification field appears at least once

Uploading dataset to AI Fabric

Once a dataset is exported, it is exported as a zipped file and a log file. Before you can use it in AI Fabric you need to unzip the file. The extracted folder can then be uploaded as a new dataset or as a subfolder on an existing dataset as described here.

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Export documents

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