UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Create Validation Task and Wait -Preview




The Create Validation Task and Wait activity:

  • can momentarily be used only with UiPath Studio from Automation Cloud.
  • works only together with the Extract Document Data activity and cannot be used as standalone.
  • creates a Validation task in Action Center, which suspends the workflow until executed.

Allows you to visualize and modify, in Action Center, the Extraction Results for the provided documents, by pausing the workflow until the validation action is executed.



  • Extracted data - Provides the output of an Extract Document Data activity. Mandatory.
  • Action Title - Provides the title of the action that needs to be created in Action Center. Mandatory.

Action Properties

  • Action priority - Establishes the priority of the action in Action Center. The available options visible in the drop-down menu are Critical, High, Medium, and Low, with the default option set to Medium.
  • Action catalog - Specifies the catalogue where the action is created, in Action Center. If no catalog is defined, the activity generates a default_du_actions catalogue.


  • Validated extraction results - All the validated extracted field data from the file.



Non serializable activities are not compatible with the Create Validation Task and Wait activity, resulting in an error. Make sure that your workflow includes only serializable activities.

Using the Validate Document Data

Getting started

Before using any activity with Studio Web, make sure that the conditions described here are met:

Customizing the activity

The parameters marked with * are all mandatory and ask for an input.

The Output parameters are available under the Show additional options menu.
Manage the Actions and the Action catalogs by using the Manage actions and Manage catalogs options. Both options are redirecting you to the UiPath Actions dashboard from Automation Cloud.

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Create Validation Task and Wait -Preview

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